Wednesday, October 14, 2009


YAY! Free giveaway!
I know, I know. Those words are just so exciting to hear aren't they? Well, I got this idea from a friend (thanks Jessica D.) and it sounds like so much fun! So this is the plan:
Have you been wanting to get new family pictures? New baby? Engaged? Getting married? Whatever the occasion is that you have been wanting to get pictures for, here is your chance to get it for FREE! I love that word, free! Here is how it is going to work. If you want to enter in this very exciting contest, email me at before November 13th, and include a short paragraph telling me why I should choose you for a FREE PHOTO SESSION!
As the grand prize, it includes a free session with unlimited poses, and unlimited outfits (for those of you who have more than one favorite tutu, you know who you are!), and a CD so that you can have your own copy of your awesome pics.
And the fun does not stop there. As a second and third prize, I will give away discount vouchers for 50% off! No matter what the occasion. But wait, the fun is still going on. I will give away discount vouchers to everyone who enters. Yep, everyone who enters. YAY!
So email my blog to anyone you like who you think would be interested and let the fun begin! Again, the deadline is November 13th, and I will announce the winners on the 16th. Good luck!


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