Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I hate...

MY HAIR!! I cut my hair in a pixie cut about 6 months ago. I stupidly thought I would like it. I had a pixie cut way back in high school and I think the time has eroded my memories of it. I will be wearing lots of hats over the next 6-9 months while I go through the fugly phase of growing it out again. I wanted to document this in the hopes that if I ever get this bright stupid idea again I can look back and think "oh yeah... that's not going to work". I have had a bazillion hair styles. But I want to try to get it back to how it was on my mission... plus bangs. I am liking havin' bangs. This is a picture of how it was. Then look at the drowned rat picture in the previous post. So what all do you think?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seattle girls/working weekend...

This past weekend I had a wedding in Seattle that I was photographing. I took my friend Marie with me for... Um... Moral support. ;) anyways, we had a flat tire RIGHT before we crossed the bridge into Vancouver from Portland. Which luckily is about a 15 minute drive from my brother Jared's house. So he came to our rescue! Afterwards we went to Joe's Crab Shack. It was my first time and super yummy. The next morning we were at the tire place first thing and while they were putting on the 4 new tires we had breakfast with my brother and niece. (We were planning on getting new ones at the end of the summer anyways and rather than risk another flat....) Seattle was beautiful and filled with weird people! Lol. The wedding and reception were great and the couple were so cute during their pictures. Afterwards Marie and I took the Monorail to Pikes and hit the Crab pot for some clam chowder. Then we braved the night life and went and saw the new. Star Trec. Yes I am a nerd. But that's ok. ;) anyways, all in all it was a fun girls/working weekend. And I was glad to get home to my handsome boys. I had to laugh because Camden and Elvin were wearing their favorite outfits lately. As in just their chonies. At least Elvin still had his shirt on for the pic. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I had to post these three pics together. This is the Mother's Day card that Elvin made for me at preschool. It melted my heart. His answers are a little... Off. But so sweet. I love his answer of why he loves me. I can tell what all is important or what means a lot to him. I also am loving his drawing of me. Totally accurate. ;)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A glimpse..

Just a glimpse into our life this past week. The weather has been awesome! We are so excited. I know there will probably be a cold front soon. But we are enjoying the rare sunshine while it lasts. We found the boys these new swim suit sets at Costco for a good deal. They keep wanting to wear them all day and everywhere we go. There are worse things I guess... :)
We also had some fun at the park with a picnic. All in all... We cannot wait to put up the pool.


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