Monday, August 31, 2009

My very own Idaho Vandals!

Elvin's Austin Powers Moment

What does this remind you of? Ee er, ee er...
His first pair of underware! He has decided he wants to be potty trained. Still undecided if it is a good thing right now or bad. But he just looks so cute and was so excited to wear them.

Stitches, runny noses, and cousins... OH MY!

The Butikofer's came for a short visit before we left for IF. Quin and Elvin were playing in this car and having so much fun.
The second day we were there, Elvin fell and hit his head just right. It was gaping and he looked so sad. This was the next day after I took off the bandaid. I had to give him a treat for being such a good sport. It took five stitches to close it!
Jimmy was being a great cousin and hailing all the little ones around. They had so much fun playing together.
June, Elvin, and Katie in the wagon.
Camden and his newest cousin. Stella is two weeks older. What a cutie!
Two heads are better than one! :)
Grandma Whetten and Camden. We are so excited that she is so much closer now.
He was just staring up at her so avidly, I had to get a picture of it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Elvin's Latest Adventures

Awww, how sweet is this. Elvin loves to give kisses to his baby brother. We just have to watch him because he gets VERY enthusiastic with him.
Elvin's favorite things to do with his baby brother:
Poke...errr...I mean point out his eyes mean play with Camden in the bouncer (he likes to see how high he can get him to go when mama is not looking)
Steal...uh..share his pacifier
Feel his head and hold his hand, especially when mama is trying to nurse :)
But he especially loves to give him hugs and kisses!
Here is John and Elvin at the park. I love watching my boys play together. Elvin just drags John around to each toy that he wants to go on. And if John doesn't move fast enough, Elvin will grab his finger to get him to move.
Elvin loves to swing with his daddy!
Elvin loves to go for picnics in the Park. He got so excited to be able to sit on the bench like a big boy to eat his lunch. He really wants to be a big boy! He also likes to show off his latest trick...every time his diaper comes off, he likes to show mom and dad how well he can pee and aim....
We are trying to direct his creative talent. No luck so far. Meanwhile, I have bought lots of floor cleaner. Luckily its always in the bathroom before his bath that he likes to demonstrate his talents.
Elvin had some friends over to play and watch his favorite show on discovery kids... Hi 5. Lucas and Ethan have known Elvin since he was born from when we lived here before. They were all so excited to sit together and eat popcorn.
Check out that saggy diaper! He loves his little pool and this car. It has been so hot out that it has become almost a daily activity. Elvin loves the water.
Elvin Rey Whetten up close, and personal. We just did haircuts. Poor baby!
He is smiling for daddy.


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