Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It is what it is.

So here are some more current pics! ;) I decided that I would try to post more often, however that will probably mean not so perfect pictures and whatnot. I just figured it was better that family and friends were able to see SOMETHING rather than nothing. Am I right?? Anyways. This first one was another page that I recently finished. 
We went to AZ and on our way we stopped and visited for a few days with the Smiths. The boys had so much fun with all the girliness. Although, Elvin did not want to sleep on Maddie's bed because the blanket was "girly". Silly me. 
 My parents and I when I went down to AZ for my grandma's funeral.
 We went to the Portland zoo about 2 months ago and had a blast. Don't mind Elvin's facial expressions. He really had a TON of fun. He was just so tired from it all. Too much excitement I guess. :)

 They had a tractor at the zoo. Who would have thought?? The boys loved it.
 How tall the boys are compared to a polar bear. Don't mind the direction of the pic. I warned you in the first part of this post!

 Notice the impressive drool puddle? We found them all snuggled together and it was just so cute!
 We went and saw Twin Falls while there for Aunt Leslie's wedding.

 Camden, Elvin, Quinton, and Rhianna. They had such a blast together.
 There is our whole gang. And yes. It really is a gang. ;)
 Grandma Minnie and the boys.


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