Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our BIGGEST Loser...

So me and John have decided to do our own biggest loser contest. The winner between us gets $100 to spend as they want at the end of this semester (to be taken out of our hopefully substantial tax return). So you will see the trackers here on the blog to see who is winning so far. I figure if the people on the show can get in front of millions of viewers half naked... we could track our progress here. :)
So here we go. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in Washougal

Elvin and his cousin Maryn. They got to be really good friends. Elvin keeps asking for his "friend".
Camden and Aunt Kate.

Hot wheeling...er...John Deering?? Elvin and Maryn go for a test run in her new ride.
Elvin loved going into the room to see what Santa left.... to bad he left in for Maryn. :)

Yeah for December!

Maryn is setting out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa. I cannot wait until Elvin gets the whole Santa thing.
We all opened one gift on Christmas eve... new pajamas for everyone!

We made gingerbread houses with the Penberthys. The one above is theirs.
Sean, Anna, and Camden.
Elvin is helping to put the tree together. Notice who has the instructions...

Elvin giving his brother loves. Elvin calls him "doggie". "night, night doggie", "luy you doggie".
Just some really cute clips.


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