Monday, February 28, 2011

Help! Anyone out there??

So I have been playing around and learning how to design my own scrapbooking kits. And this is my first one that I came up with. 

I had this old photo storage box that I got the inspiration from. Here is a photo of it:

So my question is this: If I did more kits and made them downloadable here (or on my photography blog) for free, would anyone want them?? Would you download them? I want to see how much interest there would be in them before I go to the effort of making them. I love doing it and I do it for myself already. So leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone. OH! And let me know what you think of this kit. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yeah, I know.... but you still have to love me! Its almost Valentines Day!

I know you all are sick of reading, and hearing, and seeing (well hopefully not seeing) posts of my Project 365. But after doing it for a month now, I think what works best is just posting them to my business Facebook account. If you are not a fan yet, just click on the "Like" button in the right side bar in my Facebook badge. SOooo, I am back to my regular scheduled Family Circle blog here. Thanks everyone for your love and support-and PATIENCE! :) And just as a treat for you all here are some REALLY cute videos that I did this past week of my boys. 

And in this next one you can see my little own Superman. In some of the other videos I took, Elvin would keep starting out with "Batman" and then switching to Superman when he remembered which cape he had on.  So cute! Camden was Batman that day, but I could not get him to come out and show me his own super powers. What was also funny is BOTH boys wanted their shirts off before I put on their capes. Hilarious!! I guess they wanted to show their...uh...buffness?? lol

Do I have some cute kids or what?!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Worst nightmare or funniest moment??

John was gone for the career fair tonight and so it was just me and the boys. Needless to say making a grandiose dinner for just me and the munch kins was not at the top of my priority list, especially when one of those said munch kins hardly ever eats dinner. So I let the picky eater himself choose dinner with the hopes that he would eat well. And, surprise surprise, he chose pastaroni. It is probably his favorite thing to eat next to nuggets. Anyways, when he was on his third bowl, YEP HIS THIRD BOWL! You read that correctly! I was praising him for being such a good eater as we always try to be over the top happy when he eats well. I was telling him how he was going to grow so big and strong because he was eating so well. His reply was this:
"Yep! I AM growing so big and strong. And when I grow SUPER big and strong then I can use mamas sewing machine, and her camera, and her computer, AND her car!" 
Ahhhhh! When did my little man get so smart?? I will be posting a video tomorrow of all his cuteness (and such humility). Just you wait and see. :) Stay tuned!


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