Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yeah, I know.... but you still have to love me! Its almost Valentines Day!

I know you all are sick of reading, and hearing, and seeing (well hopefully not seeing) posts of my Project 365. But after doing it for a month now, I think what works best is just posting them to my business Facebook account. If you are not a fan yet, just click on the "Like" button in the right side bar in my Facebook badge. SOooo, I am back to my regular scheduled Family Circle blog here. Thanks everyone for your love and support-and PATIENCE! :) And just as a treat for you all here are some REALLY cute videos that I did this past week of my boys. 

And in this next one you can see my little own Superman. In some of the other videos I took, Elvin would keep starting out with "Batman" and then switching to Superman when he remembered which cape he had on.  So cute! Camden was Batman that day, but I could not get him to come out and show me his own super powers. What was also funny is BOTH boys wanted their shirts off before I put on their capes. Hilarious!! I guess they wanted to show their...uh...buffness?? lol

Do I have some cute kids or what?!

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