Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Kirkham Family

Head over to my photography blog by clicking here or by clicking on the icon to your right to see this last photo shoot of the Kirkham Family and their newest addition. So precious!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it just me!???

Why does it seem like nothing goes right? Why do I just keep telling myself "why can't we just catch a break?" Lately with this, that, and the other it seems like everything has been snowballing down hill. I keep asking myself what else we need to be doing... So am I the only one? Or does anyone else ever feel like this? And if so, what do you do that helps?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Totally random... but I need help!

So this is totally random and some of you may not care. But I have been plagued with which direction to take with this problem and my poor OCD soul is divided and unable to decide.... which means its plainly buggin' me. :)What should be a small mole hill has turned into a Kilimanjaro! for me So here is the problem/dilemma/whatever:
I want to do a project 365, which is a picture a day for a year. Like this lovely lady, or this awesome guy Basically a photo journal. I have been wanting to do this and have started to many times. I first thought of doing it with like Shutterfly/Becky Higgins and other sites like that and print a book-EXPENSIVE. I also tried to print them off on my own with my handy dandy photo printer and just doing like a mini scrapbook-again Expensive and time consuming to try and do each day. So I thought I would just do it on my Photography blog as a daily entry. OR I could start another blog specific for this, OR just do it here on the family blog. So what all is YOUR opinions. You may not care, but again it is bothering my overly organised OCD self. I want to do this for many reasons. Namely to have a form of journal, as we all know that is important. So tell me what all are your thoughts?? Would you want to see them here, a different blog, or on my photography blog? Or would you really not want to see them at all and think I am totally wasting your time asking stupid questions... 
Thanks for all your opinions and advice in advance...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25 Days of Christmas for HIM!

I got this idea from another blog and I loved the idea. I am doing the 25 days of Christmas for John. Each day he gets to turn around another one (I had to make him promise not to cheat!) Some just say something that I love about him, some are a service or something that I will do that day for him, and others are where I am giving him something (like a small gift). I liked this idea for many reasons. John is super hard to shop for, and he usually knows what I am getting him for Christmas. So this was something that helped us to draw closer together. And it looks really cute on my wall! I am not going to lie people. :) No, but seriously, I love this. I think it will become another tradition to do each year.  
Don't mind Elvin, he sure was not bothered. He was making me "something" to eat and could not be bothered. :)
 I lucked out and found an Advent Calendar Kit from Joannes and I just used the elements from that kit with some scrapbook paper that I have. Super easy and inexpensive!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Love at first sight... or not...

What more do I need to say!?? Classic moment. Elvin thought it was cool.... Camden SO did not! :)


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