Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Totally random... but I need help!

So this is totally random and some of you may not care. But I have been plagued with which direction to take with this problem and my poor OCD soul is divided and unable to decide.... which means its plainly buggin' me. :)What should be a small mole hill has turned into a Kilimanjaro! for me So here is the problem/dilemma/whatever:
I want to do a project 365, which is a picture a day for a year. Like this lovely lady, or this awesome guy Basically a photo journal. I have been wanting to do this and have started to many times. I first thought of doing it with like Shutterfly/Becky Higgins and other sites like that and print a book-EXPENSIVE. I also tried to print them off on my own with my handy dandy photo printer and just doing like a mini scrapbook-again Expensive and time consuming to try and do each day. So I thought I would just do it on my Photography blog as a daily entry. OR I could start another blog specific for this, OR just do it here on the family blog. So what all is YOUR opinions. You may not care, but again it is bothering my overly organised OCD self. I want to do this for many reasons. Namely to have a form of journal, as we all know that is important. So tell me what all are your thoughts?? Would you want to see them here, a different blog, or on my photography blog? Or would you really not want to see them at all and think I am totally wasting your time asking stupid questions... 
Thanks for all your opinions and advice in advance...


  1. Do a specific blog for this project.
    Then it's all in one place and it's easy to make into a book.
    If you put it on one of your others then you have mix ups and making a book will get more complicated.
    I say, start a new blog specifically for this.

  2. I'd be happy to read them on this blog or on its own specific one. If you think you might make it into a blog book later, doing it on its own blog will be much easier. Also, I like for blog books- it's a little cheaper than the other sites I've seen (still not CHEAP, just cheaper, but I think it's totally worth it)

  3. I would think a blog specific for the project might be better. I love to see the pics of the boys but I noticed that when you were posting the one pic a day you didn't write. I liked the pics but missed hearing your news updates:) This way- with two blogs- we can see the boys grow on the 365 site but get your news blocks on this one!!!



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