Monday, August 31, 2009

Stitches, runny noses, and cousins... OH MY!

The Butikofer's came for a short visit before we left for IF. Quin and Elvin were playing in this car and having so much fun.
The second day we were there, Elvin fell and hit his head just right. It was gaping and he looked so sad. This was the next day after I took off the bandaid. I had to give him a treat for being such a good sport. It took five stitches to close it!
Jimmy was being a great cousin and hailing all the little ones around. They had so much fun playing together.
June, Elvin, and Katie in the wagon.
Camden and his newest cousin. Stella is two weeks older. What a cutie!
Two heads are better than one! :)
Grandma Whetten and Camden. We are so excited that she is so much closer now.
He was just staring up at her so avidly, I had to get a picture of it.

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  1. Those are some very fun pictures. Your boys are so cute!! Glad you had a good time in IF! :)



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