Saturday, May 4, 2013

A glimpse..

Just a glimpse into our life this past week. The weather has been awesome! We are so excited. I know there will probably be a cold front soon. But we are enjoying the rare sunshine while it lasts. We found the boys these new swim suit sets at Costco for a good deal. They keep wanting to wear them all day and everywhere we go. There are worse things I guess... :)
We also had some fun at the park with a picnic. All in all... We cannot wait to put up the pool.


  1. Hey what happened to your weight commitment post?
    I love that bracelet idea.
    Good luck girlfriend. You can do it. It's just hard work and sacrifice, two things that are tough but the end results are worth it to your soul and body.

    1. Hahaha. That was actually not supposed to be on this blog but on my personal journal/365 blog. I deleted it from here right away. That funny that you saw it. And thanks for the encouragement. I am needing it.

  2. fun!
    see you in a few weeks!



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