Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I hate...

MY HAIR!! I cut my hair in a pixie cut about 6 months ago. I stupidly thought I would like it. I had a pixie cut way back in high school and I think the time has eroded my memories of it. I will be wearing lots of hats over the next 6-9 months while I go through the fugly phase of growing it out again. I wanted to document this in the hopes that if I ever get this bright stupid idea again I can look back and think "oh yeah... that's not going to work". I have had a bazillion hair styles. But I want to try to get it back to how it was on my mission... plus bangs. I am liking havin' bangs. This is a picture of how it was. Then look at the drowned rat picture in the previous post. So what all do you think?


  1. Well sorry you hate your hair. That sucks man. But you'll get some nice hats. I think it looks alright man, but I'm not you. I like it long as well. Good luck girlfriend.

  2. I do like your hair in this picture. The hard thing for me is that my hair has changed so much from before I had babies that I am always wondering how I want to style it now. I thought the pictures from the last post of your hair were cute! Good luck growing it out, that is a tough stage to get through.

  3. I totally understand! I keep cutting mine short thinking I will love it... But I don't! I love yours though so I am no help:)



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