Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some more days in my life :)

To see all the days check out my business blog here. I am posting only some of my favorites here. :)
Day 14
Elvin loves this hat. He looks so grown up in it and we found it at Winco of all places.
Day 12
Some of my favorite things.
Day 8
Fun in the sun. These boys love to play outside in the little pool we have.
Day 8 cont.
Day 8 cont.
Day 7
Amber waves of grain...
Day 7 cont.


  1. I love these pictures of the grain fields. When did you take those? I want a copy!

  2. Love these pictures! Especially the grain. How fun!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. You are so talented. P.S. your boys are handsome:)



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