Monday, October 25, 2010

Elvin's 3rd Birthday!

John took Elvin to his first movie. They went and saw Alpha and Omega which Elvin LOVED! John....not so much. But it was so fun to see how excited Elvin was. I get to take him to the next one. :)

We had a Car Cupcake Cake. He loved it. There was a boy there at the park that said "Wow. That looks so cool. I wish my mom would do something like that for me." It melted my heart. And of course... I gave him a cupcake. :)

He had a little accident on the way to the park... poor guy.

The spoiler was up on some kitkats, but they broke on the way to the park. Also, there was supposed to be a few more chocolate pieces. But it was really humid and we were in a hurry.

Elvin got this cool vacuum which he uses all the time. He also got a cool dog from his buddy Anna, some stickers, Thomas Trains, crayons, an airplane gun, silly string, and a train track set. All in all he is LOVING everything and trying to keep Camden from it all. Thank you so much everyone.


  1. Fantastic Kassy.
    Happy Birthday to Elvin.
    What a great time.

  2. What a cute kid! I love his cake too :)

  3. Love that cake, so impressed! I'm so sorry I said I was going to be there and I wasn't. Abby slept through the whole party, I thought for sure she would wake up but she didn't and she was so orenery I had to let her sleep. Looks like it was fun!



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