Thursday, April 14, 2011

Downloadable Scripture Felt Board Figures

So my friend Missy found this blog where THIS lady had made colored figures available for download. The stories were not printable so I went to the original sites (from the LDS church's site for the Friend magazine) and spent a long time copying and pasting so that I could have the stories that go with it. Then there is THIS site that gives you the tutorial on how to create your own felt figures using felt and iron on t-shirt transfers! WAY cheaper than buying the figures from another site already made. I cannot tell you all how excited I was that my friend Missy had found these. I have been looking for something like this FOREVER! Anyways, I made it easier for all of you to download them and print them. Just go to THIS site for the tutorial on how to make them into your fabulous new felt figures. Now you are all set to have lots and lots of Family Home Evening Lessons. YAY! So without further ado... Here are the links to get the zipped files I created for you all. Enjoy! 

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  1. If you were around I'd kiss you.
    This is fantastic.



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