Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wreath and Happy 5 years to US!!

So I just did this wreath and I am loving it. Take a look. 

I just love knocking on my own door now. ;) On another note, John and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last week. John was so much more on the ball than me.... me, well.... I dropped it, kicked it, it was hit by a bus and eaten by a dog.... ;)
First off he let me sleep in a little, and then I woke up to breakfast in bed, with a rose and a note on the tray. Then as I went around the house there was other roses with notes on them as well. Like on our key hanging thingy.... 

On my purse.....

 On the bathroom vanity...

And of course this on the kitchen table...

 After retrieving the last one that was tied to my steering wheel, there was 3 dozen roses. Am I the luckiest in the world or what. I sure love my husband. He is the perfect one for me. Yes, I know this is a sappy post. If you don't like it... well, to bad. Thanks John for a memorable anniversary. I will do better next year! P.S. John took all the pictures of the roses except this last one. Just sayin... :)


  1. First of all I LOVE the wreath. It's just beautiful.
    Secondly even though the post was sappy this is the kinda stuff that needs to be posted for our books and kids.
    So sap away and congrats on the five years.
    Most sappy stuff I have to post on my private blog or Dru would #1 kill me #2 never do another sappy thing again ;)

  2. Oh my I love that wreath it is so cute! And John did such a good job. I was impressed he even took the pictures; he must have been proud of himself!

  3. Love love LOOOOVE that wreath! You are so talented! And John did amazing! You deserve so much to be treated like a queen and looks like he did just that!

  4. Love that wreath, just might have to copy it! :) And happy anniversary!

  5. That wreath is beautiful!! great job. happy anniversary!



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