Saturday, March 9, 2013

Since John had to work all day today I wanted to do something different. Something that would get us out of the house, get energy out of the boys, something special. And something that did not require a lot of energy out of me as Camden has been waking up a million times a night. We played outside this morning then hit the road. So after visiting Pets Mart in the hopes of them petting some dogs (epic fail by the way. They did not have any dogs nor any animals to pet) we went to Chucky Cheese's. the boys loved it. They each got 10 tokens. And at the end they only ended up with like 55 tickets. Which they could have bought a piece of licorice with... Or ONE package of smarties. (Insert sarcastic comment here) But as we were waiting in line a nice lady gave us her tickets because they had to leave. Well she gave us like 400 tickets. I thought it was really nice of her. Really really nice. And the boys were happy we were able to get a few more prizes. I love it when nice people do nice things. Makes me want to pay it forward. And it makes me want to be that first nice person. It made me think... How such small acts of kindness can affect people.
On a totally different note. I finally managed to capture Camden and immortalize how he always eats pizza... Upside down. I think it's hilarious. We have tried to get him to eat it the other way but he refuses. Even while complaining because his cheese is always falling off. Go figure.


  1. Don't you just love nice people? I always WANT to do things like that but never seem to think of them in the moment. Camden's pizza-eating totally cracks me up :)



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