Monday, September 9, 2013

Elvin trying on my glasses. I think he looks so cute! 

Date night for me and Elvin. We went to the dollar theatre and watched Turbo. Super cute by the way. Then after he picked out this giant gummy snake from the candy store. He is VERY into snakes right now and can name and describe a ton of them and of course... How each one kills differently or how poisonous each one is. I have decided to encourage his curiosity until of course he decides he wants to have one as a pet. At which point I will encourage that curiosity towards something like butterfly's or slugs. ;)

Waiting for the bus in the first day of school. I realize as I post this on my phone that I did not post his and Camdens real first day pics. I will try to do that tomorrow for my non Facebooker people. And I think the bus was what he was the most excited about. 

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