Monday, February 15, 2010

7 Months and counting

I love his expression in the first picture. Our little man is just over 7 months old. I have been trying to get a picture each month and the big milestone moments like we did with Elvin...poor second child. His 1st year scrapbook will be much thinner. But we love him just as much!
Camden loves that his older brother is playing with him now instead of trying to sit on his head. They love to play tag in the curtains while Camden is in his walker thing. He has also discovered the very best toy in the world. BALLOONS! He loves to eat and is starting to eat meats. Although he takes after Elvin and loves his Ritz crackers. He is crawling all over the place and his favorite place is near all Elvin's toys-go figure. And he discovered the power cord button that turns off the computer and lots of other stuff. He loves to take baths with Elvin, and loves to snuggle with everyone. And although he still is a bit of a party all night kind of guy, he is doing better and we hope to continue that progress. His next doctor appointment is in April, and we will post his weight and height. We expect he will soon surpass Elvin in the weight department. We are guessing that he weighs about 20-21 pounds already. Elvin is still chugging along at about 29-30 pounds. I worry about the day they start wrestling one another! OH! I almost forgot that he had his first haircut! The baby comb over was getting a little out of control. And it looks like his stripe in the back will be permanent. He still has a patch of hair in the back that is a very light color of hair.


  1. hey I forgot to tell you I changed my blog address!
    actually I haven't blogged in a while but we are moving in two months so I started again. Helps keep stress levels low I think :)

  2. *sigh* They just grow way to fast.

  3. hey, I just found your blog, hope you dont mind if i add you to my list. Our address is

  4. Oh Kassy, You are such a good mom! Your kids are darn cute, you are way funny... it pretty much doesn't get any better then that. I finally found your blog again. It took be long enough! I want to add you to mine but it has a password. What is your email address?



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