Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't ya just wish you were our neighbor...

I decided to make these as they have sort of become a valentines day tradition. They are chocolate eclairs. Mmmmm... don't they just look good? On another note, notice who is losing our biggest loser race? Yeah, I just cannot figure out why...


  1. I do wish I was you're neighbour.

  2. Wait, I am your neighbor...:)
    Actually this is really funny because the week before I went out of town Rob told me he wanted me to make these. So I searched the internet for a good and easy recipe, but had a tough time! Finally I found one that seemed easy, but man mine did not look as good as yours. I need to come over so you can teach me how to make those so I can please my husband! Good thing I'm your neighbor! :)

  3. Why couldn't you make those when I WAS your neighbor! LOL YUMMY

  4. hey by the way you should post the recipe for these babies!



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