Thursday, April 22, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Results

So after many site searching, blog stalking, and kids screaming, I have found some helpful information. I have posted the links in my sidebar for any and all to find. I found that a lot of sites offered a few free items to use for digital scrapbooking. The rest of their "kits" were for $2-3 dollars. And while that is pretty reasonable, lets face it-I am cheap. I want FREE! Who doesn't right? Also,I am not the patient sort to only do one or two items per site. One site I found is by a gal and all her kits are free. Yep. ALL of them. It is time consuming to download them all, which I did. But it is worth it. And the other site that was recommended to me had some great free stuff too. These two were by far the best I have found so far. And as I find more, I will add them here. Good luck everyone!

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