Monday, October 10, 2011

Boys movie night

So one of Elvin's best buds is Jefferson. They are so adorable together and we are going to be so sad to have to move away. I think his mom and dad need to get a job where ever we end up cause these two have too much fun together, not to mention what great friends we have become with the parents. Well they had a movie night last week and Elvin got to pick out the movie from red box and we had told him it was just for him and Jefferson. He picked out some superhero cartoon one. He was looking forward to it all day and was so excited. Well, we got them all set up in Elvin's room, popcorn popped, drinks ready... then started the movie for them. They actually watched the whole thing! And they had so much fun. I kept peeking in there and they were just so adorable to see. I cannot believe how big he is getting. I need to remember to treasure these little moments. 


  1. How long did they stay up?
    What a fun night.
    I'd like a movie night with my mates.



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