Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital Scrapbookers....???

So I have amassed an extremely impressive amount of scrap booking supplies. Seriously. I have a ton. You may think I am kidding. But I am not. So I have been off and on considering switching to digital. I think that I would enjoy it because I would not have to banish myself to my Harry Potter-isk closet/craft bunk. For another reason, it would be a whole lot easier to clean up and get out. So my question is this, who does it and what are any pointers/advice, or what ever that you can give me. I do not know that much about it. So any and all things you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! There is also the benefit for all you die hard regular scrap booking fanatics-if I switch, I will probably be giving away most of what I have. So bring on the comments!


  1. So I've been your BEST FRIEND the longest and the rules clearly state that I get all your stuff (seriously). I know some people that do digital and they use photo-shop. My sister Jess took a class on it and now she's a pro. I hear it's easier and faster too.

  2. Hey Jenny, I want some too! But I'm actually more interested to hear what people have to say. So let me know when you find out the good stuff.

  3. Dallas got me a Cd from office depot that has scrapbook layouts and all different things that you can do with your no means is it way extravagant, but it suffices for me and I like it...however I love the paper scrap booking better I just am scared about losing them on the comp. So along with Becca and Jenny I would appreciate some stuff too :)

  4. I know you don't know me butI saw your post title and couldn't help but comment. I have a friend who is totally into the digi scrap thing. She even creates her own pages and accessories which you can access for free at

    She knows literally everything about digital scrapbooking and has done some really amazing things. Check out her blog-she would be more than happy to give you some direction.




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