Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 1 Project Life

Camden has recently discovered these drawers in the kitchen. The only real surprise is that is has taken him this long.
The poor kid got into two fights... and lost. One with a balloon that was blown up too much and he received his first black eye. (thanks Daddy) Then he lost the other fight with Elvin and Elvin pushed him into a toy outside. But don't you worry. Camden is a tough guy. And he got even by sitting on Elvin's leg in the bathtub tonight. (Imagine an elephant sitting on an ant)
Oh the silence that these bring is so sweet and peaceful. The boys love them!
John has been working a LOT this week. And today, it was one of those days. Yep, its still 11am and my kids are not dressed. Yep, they are playing outside in their PJ's. Guess what folks, they were happy. And lets face it, it will probably happen again tomorrow.
Elvin did not want to be photographed today. But I got his legs! :)


  1. I loved that you just got his legs.
    Sometimes, that's all we can ask for.
    It's not worth the battle.

  2. I think Carter lived in onesies for the first 5 months, then when it got warm again, back in the onesies. Jammies are just a comfier version of clothes!!



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